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The American diner is a home away from home for many Americans.

It is an American icon that has appeared in all facets of popular culture; located in almost every city and town… built by many different nationalities. Often open 24 hours a day, it offers regional cuisine and comfort food, as well as collections of dishes from around the world. In addition, diners are also known for their reasonable prices; a frequent stop for those “on the go” businesspeople, workers, families, students, seniors and housewives.

A place for meetings, socializing and eating, when working an early or late shift, or a meal any time of the day. With that in mind, The Manalapan Diner has been created as a comfortable and relaxed contemporary environment, offering a diverse menu that holds true to the roots of American diners from the beginning of time, dating as far back as the early 1900’s…

A true symbol of America, where there is something for everyone, young and old, with breakfast and lunch being served at any time of day… as well as popular early bird dinners and chef’s blackboard specials… In addition, let’s not forget that “late night fare” for those seeking that great cup of coffee, a classic milkshake, egg-cream, eggs, omelets, pancakes and french toast, club sandwiches and burgers, diner cheesecake, as well as a wide range of amazing pastries and desserts.

The interior is styled in an Art Nouveau design, depicted in the ceilings and walls, inspired by the famous artist, Gustav Klimt , and his world renown painting, “The Kiss”. 


It is with a grateful heart, that we, The Pagonas Family, say “thank you” for choosing The Manalapan Diner as your home away from home and honoring us with your patronage.

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